Eurawheels is a major European operator which is ISO 9001 certified: design and production of wheel rims by TUV Nord, importer of aluminium wheel rims and steel wheel rims, and distributor of tyres and complete wheels.

Eurawheels is constantly developing a B2B customer network in the French market, which every year extends further into the E.U. This network is made up of exclusive importers, web platforms, pure players, and traditional retailers involved in the growth of our business model.

Our company was set up in 2007, and its team is made up of designers, engineers, web marketers, logisticians, suppliers and sales representatives, all of whom are passionate about what they do. Previous years showed that our work led to great successes for our own brands among car enthusiasts. Our team is constantly improving its products to fully meet market expectations and to create the most original designs by following the most specialised manufacturing processes. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. Discover a line of unique models, designs with sumptuous finishes, and Dedica.ranges .. a wide choice of 19 of our own or distributors' brands.


Fashion and jewellery have always been areas of excellence in France. In order to attain mastery, we pursue this French excellence by designing our aluminium wheel rims in the heart of our Hauts-de-France region. Each of our wheel rims is designed by an engineer focused on producing precise curves and lines. Only one out of tens of projects will be picked and lead to a successful design. As with any high technology project, technical innovation is the essence of avant garde. Our engineers design new innovations every day in order to give consumers multiple options to make their vehicle more attractive. As with jewellery, the last checks are left to the external laboratories which master the secrets of aluminium. Welcome to A NEW DIMENSION.


Eurawheels is managed by alloyed wheel rim professionals who are aiming for excellence as well as major expansion internationally by offering a quality service and products, fully mastering all the links in the production chain: from the design to the production of the cast, the tooling by way of the manufacturing carried out by partner factories and finally the marketing and marketing positioning of the product. This ambitious objective to attain excellence involves different certifications across the production factories.  

Eurawheels is now ISO 9001 certified by the German TÜV Nord, approving its products by TUV Austria, and is entering new markets including Germany, Austria and the countries which swear by this certification. In addition to the certifications, Eurawheels is going further by creating a genuine label called Conceived in France which validates a comprehensive French-style design process and therefore excellence, like a jeweller producing a piece of jewellery.