24H from Le Mans Race Track, is a brand developed to quench the thirst of enthusiasts but also to promote the famous car race. Small reminder: the track measures 13.629 km, includes a part of the Bugatti circuit, and a large part of it is public road. The most famous parts are the Tertre Rouge, Mulsanne and Arnage turns and the almost 6 km long Hunaudières straight where prototypes maintain a speed close to 400 kph for one minute (the circuit speed record is 405 kph). Its licensed rims are French designed and were created in 2010 to meet the demands of a passionate clientele, wanting to wear its colours. Every stage of the development, from their creation by designers, well-known in the market, right up to the point where they win the most stringent approvals such as TÜV, ECE 124 and JWL is carried out under the “Conceived in France” label. In the range of innovative finishes, you will find that each rim is delivered with two interchangeable logos.